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Pool solar heater Puerto Rico
Pool heater Energy Star

If your pool water is cold? You need a swimming pool solar water heater from Universal Solar in Puerto Rico, since 1965. Heliocol® is the Official Pool solar water heating system installed in the International Olympic Games pools and Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

1) Heliocol solar pool heating system is 100% free of corrode components and parts.

2) Do not require maintenance.

3) Heliocol pool solar heating panels have 12 year warranty.

4) With the Heliocol your swimming pool water temperature will increase.

5) Heliocol pool heating system increase the value of your pool and property.

6) Heliocol pool water heating system is an investment for life.

7) Heliocol is 100% corrosion free for salty or chlorinated water

8) Heliocol solar collectors are hurricane resistant.

Heliocol® How it works?

Enjoy your swimming pool with warm water for hydro therapy or with your children throughout the whole year, without additional cost.

Pool heater installed

Pool solar heater benefits

Pool solar water collectors: 12 years warranty and system components 5 years.

Heliocol, $0.00 cost in electricity or gas.

Heliocol, $0.00 cost by using the solar heater.

Heliocol, $0.00 cost for maintenance. 

Heliocol pool heating system do not requires maintenance.

Heliocol pool heater
Pool heater installed Puerto Rico
Federal and European Certifications HELIOCOL pool solar heating system available in Puerto Rico, since 1998.
  • ISO9001 /2008 YEAR and ISO 14001 / 2004 YEAR
  • Ortech International Laboratories
  • Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (S.R.C.C.)
  • Solar Energy Analysis Laboratory (S.E.A.L.)
  • DSET Laboratories, Inc.
  • HRS, Florida
  • Florida Solar Energy Center (F.S.E.C.)
  • Los Angeles City, California: #RR-4508

    British National Water Council (B.N.W.C.)

  • German Federal Health Board (G.F.H.B.)

  • NSF 50

Heliocol® International Customers
Solar Pool Heater installation Puerto Rico
From $399 per solar collector

Before you call us: First, measure your pool. We have to know the length x width and maximum depth. If you have a cold water hot tub that uses the same pool filtration system, measure the same and write down the measurements. Second: Go to the area where the pool pump and filter is, in your home. Look at the diameter of the tube connected to the water pump, which is written on the tube, write it down. Usually, the diameter is one and a half (11/2) inch or two (2) inches in diameter. With this information handy, please contact our Sales Department at 787-635-5575. We will guide you on the cost of the solar heater for your pool, based on your pool measurements and payment methods. We have our own financing. In addition, you will receive additional information about all the components and installation of the Heliocol solar pool heater.

We do installations in whole Puerto Rico

We honor Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Pool heater Heliocol installation Puerto Rico
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