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Solar water heater Puerto Rico
Up to 35% saving on your electricity bill with a solar water heater made by Universal Solar® in Puerto Rico, since 1965.

Universal Solar is proud to manufacture in Puerto Rico the first and only solar heater certified as high efficiency with hurricane resistance Federal Approval plus SRCC-OG-300, SRCC-OG-100 and Energy Star Federal Certification.


Recognized and Awarded by the Products Association made in Puerto Rico as Major Solar Heaters Exporter of Puerto Rico.

Solar heater for houses

Our solar water heaters are certified in resistance against hurricanes up to 150 mph, efficiency of heating with little solar radiation by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation. The EPA has certified them as solar heaters 100% lead-free inside, since we do not paint inside of black - paint with high lead content as they do with traditional solar heaters. The Universal solar heater is manufactured with aircraft aluminium 6061-T6, copper and stainless steel materials that are resistant to salt, rust or corrosion. Investing in an Universal solar water heater you will enjoy of hot water with the Sun and will have the satisfaction of monthly energy saving warranted.

a) Certified in resistance against winds of up to 150 mph Hurricane / CAT-5. by Miami Testing Laboratories.

b) Approved Department of Housing and urban Development - FHA. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY - EPA-approved 100% lead-free or polluting or black paint on the inside.

c) Approved by the Energy Office of Puerto Rico.

d) You will have hot water 24 hours every day.

e) It requires just very little maintenance annually.

f) UNIVERSAL solar water heaters certificated in efficiency of heating with little sun for higher

temperature and higher performance for more days without sun.

g) UNIVERSAL Certificated as ENERGY STAR solar water heater.

h) 100% free of corrosion. The saltpeter or moisture do not damage the solar water heaters.

I) 100% manufactured in Puerto Rico for a safe use.

h) Designed to resist any atmospherics disturbances in Puerto Rico.

Solar heaters UNIVERSAL add value to your property investment. Hot water supply 24 hours free by the sun of Puerto Rico.
Solar heaters UNIVERSAL - Approvals

Approvals and Certifications: Solar water heaters UNIVERSAL® approved by Department of Consumer Affairs of Puerto Rico. SRCC Certification: UNIVERSAL high efficiency solar heaters are certified in efficiency of absorption of solar radiation by the SOLAR RATING AND CERTIFICATION CORPORATION, COCOA, and FL. USA. / / Document OG-100. Solar water heaters UNIVERSAL® certified energy star.


The UNIVERSAL solar heaters were certified in water heating efficiency with little sun by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation at Florida, USA (SRCC OG-300). Our solar water heater collector’s are high performance and are the heart of the solar water heater UNIVERSAL 100% without black paint inside. 100% lead-free CERTIFIED by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation and EPA.


We manufacture solar collectors ULTRA UV-AS with a BLUE FOREST in the interior of the solar water heater collectors and electroplating process. Exclusive 100% free process of black paint or lead in the interior of the solar collectors to avoid peel over in few years due to the heat and humidity that will generate on the inside of the solar collectors as it happens with all the traditional collectors on the market which all are painted black on the inside and black paint contains lead peel over the years and make them less solar efficient when the days are cloudy or if they are located in villages at the mountains with lower temperatures and moisture, which means that it will have use constantly the electric system when it raining due that are not ENERGY STAR certified as high efficiency solar heaters as the UNIVERSAL SOLAR PRODUCTS solar systems. That represents more spending for you long term.


The cover BLUE FOREST, exclusive of Universal Solar Products, Inc., is sees at a glance and has a durability of for life, in its turn is designed to increase the efficiency in absorption of ultra violet energy with little sun. Our solar water heater collectors are covered with a tempered glass resistant up to 300 pounds of weight, which amplifies the UV rays of the sun as magnifying glass for increase the temperature of the water on cloudy days so you can enjoy more hotter water 24 hours, free by the sun without having to be using all the time the electrical backup system in your home or business as with traditional solar heaters with the ancient technology of the 20th century. 

Solar Heater Heavy Duty
5 years warranty
Solar heater and Water tank
Solar heater and Water tank system made in Puerto Rico.

Universal Solar manufacture plant since 1965.

Solar heater installed in Puerto Rico
Solar Heater with 3 solar panels
Solar heater with 4 solar panels
59 Anniversary special offer: $300 discount.
Discount apply to all models solar water heaters.
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